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It’s not who you are, they say, it’s what you do. Well, OK, but what if who you are defines what you do? For a studio such as LabLike that’s exactly the case. Who we are has a huge impact on what we do. Our background plays an important role in the way we approach game development, so I thought it only makes sense to tell you more about it.

I already mentioned earlier the origin story of our soon-to-be released iOS puzzle-adventure. It’s based not only on the iconic opera by Mozart, but a very particular staging of the said play. The Japanese renowned stage director, Amon Miyamoto, envisioned The Magic Flute as an allegoric trip through the virtual landscapes of a video game. “Low-poly” costume design was completed by a grid-based cubic set, but to bring it all to life – it took a little magic. That’s where my friends come in. Yes Eye Do dispatched Bartek Macias and Stasiek Zaleski to work some light, smoke, and mirrors and transform the static set into a make-believe world of magic and awe. Just like they did many times before. Here’s one of their other creations – video effects for a 2013 staging of Béla Bartók’s thrilling Bluebeard’s Castle.

Yes Eye Do crew is an artsy beast – working with artists from all over the world to bring new creative sensations and audiovisual experiences to the virtual and  the real world alike. From galleries to theater stages, from indoor installations to public space murals – Yes Eye Do is a force unleashing art onto the world around us. But what about the world on the other side of the screen you’re looking at this very moment?

We’re surrounded by screens. TV screens, computer screens, mobile devices’ screens of all shapes, sizes and brightness. Not going into the dispute whether it’s a good thing or bad, let us agree on the fact that it’s better to see beautiful and original things rather than grey and repetitive pulp on the said screens. Lunapark Motion Arts Collective is a team of filmmakers, animators, and designers working to ensure just that. Always on a prowl through the jungle of visual advertising Lunapark has been making videos that stand out, draw attention and impress and/or entertain the viewers. Sometimes it’s about selling a product, sometimes – an idea. Every now and then, it’s just about fun.

That’s us. And here’s where the point of this whole presentation becomes clear. When I say “us”, I don’t mean a whole different group of people. In fact – it’s the exact opposite. LabLike is a studio where Yes Eye Do artistic souls and Lunapark design professionals mix in a with game makers and programmers to cultivate our common passion for games and other digital experiences. We’re calling ourselves a “lab” for a reason. We’re all about experimentation, and our research material and inspirations come from all the fields we work in.

It’s a creative cauldron boiling with potential. In a few days, we’re releasing an iOS game firmly rooted in opera. What’s next? Can we make a jump-scare filled horror FPS based in Bluebeard’s castle? Or that overly determined (and a little creepy) girl in that casting video – wouldn’t she make for a perfect video game character? Who knows! Working with people like those I have around me every day, the possibilities are endless!

Be with us on September 24. when Magic Flute by Mozart hits the App Store worldwide. Then, stay in touch. More magic is bound to follow.


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