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“Is Unity for me?” Our answer’s on Gamasutra

  Unity, as a development platform, covers the majority of the most desirable territory of the game development industry – the mobile. Even in our very own Warsaw, Poland, not

Dramatis Personae

30.11.2015   olaf   LabLike   No comments

The Big Opening Night is done for Magic Flute: Puzzle Adventure, both on iOS and Android. The audience loved the performance, I’d say it’s time for the curtain call. Let’s meet

The Collective Mind

20.09.2015   olaf   LabLike   No comments

It’s not who you are, they say, it’s what you do. Well, OK, but what if who you are defines what you do? For a studio such as LabLike that’s

Five Casually Awesome Games

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We really enjoyed ourselves at the San Francisco Casual Connect. Our game – Magic Flute By Mozart – spawn much interest among the attendees and was selected as the “Best in

Minimum Viable Platypus

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Recently, my LabLike colleague Marek and myself attended the Warsaw-based Slavic Game Jam, a big (probably the biggest) Central European gamedev hackathon. We’ve entered the 48-hour rapid game creation compo. You

Casually Connecting

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Getting some kind of recognition for your work can be a great source of creative power and encouragement, for a developer. I can attest to that, today, as Magic Flute


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Making a game more challenging with stage progression without creating difficulty spikes is one of the toughest puzzles any developer faces. Make the level similarly hard as the previous one


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Seeing how on this blog we're simultaneously talking about our mobile game and the opera, there are two ways you can read the title of this entry. If your thought


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Hello, World! This is the first entry on the LabLike blog, but instead of the usual presentation I'll get straight to the point and tell you about the game we're