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We really enjoyed ourselves at the San Francisco Casual Connect. Our game – Magic Flute By Mozart – spawn much interest among the attendees and was selected as the “Best in Show” title by the good folks from Gamezebo. But this isn’t a post about our game. No, I want to tell you about some of the awesome titles that turned our heads. Here’s our own run-down of five interesting games our newly-met friends and colleagues were presenting in San Francisco!

We really dig the general feel of this one. Steampunker looks even more impressive, when you know how small is the team making it (and, mind you, we’re not big by any standard, ourselves). “The adventures of Vincent, our hero, begin when evil robots attack the Earth. The game contains a series of puzzles linked together into a traditional point-and-click adventure story.” Oh yes, we’ll be pointing. And we’ll be clicking!


This particular title first got our interest because it resembles our own Magic Flute being a puzzle game playing out in a sort of cubic environment. Then it grabbed our attention with its fun and original gameplay. “Dissonance is an PC/Mac game where players must navigate two 2D characters, Li and An, through their respective spaces. When they intersect, they merge into Lian, a 3D character who has special powers.” Dissonance was recognized by the Indie Prize jury, earning the title of the most innovative game of the show.

The concept of this entry evolved from a table-top game, but the creators felt it would do well in digital form. “Complete sequences of blocks to deal damage to your opponent, combo multiple sequences. Surround your opponent’s blocks and earn the strategic “Death Block” to hinder your opponent’s available block placement options.” Sounds like a basic match-3 game? Well, seeing how it plays, we know there’s pretty much strategic depth to Polycarbon’s title.

In this sequential puzzle you’ll get to partake in some covert item reacquisition. “A Thiefs Journey is about a very ambitious little thief set out to steal the most precious miniatures of famous paintings and monuments (all clad in gold!) all across the globe. […] figure out the key to unlocking and stealing the prize in every level while trying your best not to get caught!”We really enjoyed the whimsical animation of the little thief!

Last, but not in any way the least, a game that won the prize for the best art in San Francisco Casual Connect. “Hue is a stark puzzle platformer where you shift the hue of the world, creating rifts when colours collide. In this world, everyone sees in grayscale. Anne, a researcher specialising in colour theory, has created a mysterious ring which grants the ability to perceive and alter colour.” While Fiddlesticks’ title does sport quite nice graphics, the brilliant gameplay concept is what really won us for Hue.

So, there you have it! Five interesting titles to keep an eye out for, while you wait for Magic Flute by Mozart to hit the App Store on September 24. Now, please excuse me while I call out to Fiddlestics, VR Playing Games, Polycarbon, Team Dissonance, and Telehorse for a round of virtual gamedev high-fives!

— Olaf


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