Casually Connecting

Getting some kind of recognition for your work can be a great source of creative power and encouragement, for a developer. I can attest to that, today, as Magic Flute by Mozart has been nominated for the Indie Prize at the San Francisco Casual Connect.

It’s all going down 11-13 August, and we’re really excited to go. I might have made it all sound like it was about the prize, but it’s not. We’re mostly happy to go all the way from Poland to San Francisco and meet all the other devs attending Casual Connect. We want to meet them, we want to see their games, we want to share experiences.

You can grab us on twitter right away, at @LabLikeGames an drop us a tweet if you’d like to chat in San Francisco. Don’t worry – we don’t bite and we speak English quite well (although some of us with funny accents). If you’d like, we’ll be happy to let you take our game for a spin. You know – this game:

How did I not post the trailer here before? Oh well, it’s here now.

Casual Connect is not the only gamedev event for us, this summer. We’ve been jamming all through the weekend at the Warsaw-based Slavic Game Jam, and – what do you know – we’ve made a game. I’ll show it to you and tell you all about it soon, but the jam itself gave me some thoughts about the indie development process and I want to share that as well.

Now, please excuse me while I yell from the top of my lungs: SAN FRANCISCO, here we come!



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