Seeing how on this blog we’re simultaneously talking about our mobile game and the opera, there are two ways you can read the title of this entry. If your thought was: “oh, the opera is now on stage!” you would be correct. Amon Miyamoto’s adaptation of Mozart’s classic masterpiece, The Magic Flute, with the video visuals from our Yes Eye Do team premiered yesterday In the Tokyo Nikikai Opera Theater. It will be performed four times between July 16th and July 21st (so if you happen to be in Tokyo – you’re in luck! Provided all four shows aren’t already sold out.)

Then again, if the title led you onto the idea that there are people already playing our game, you are not mistaken either! The Japanese version of our game is being exclusively offered to the audience who came to see Mr. Miyamoto’s work. A special QR code (allowing audience to download the game) is displayed on the curtain before each show. With this exclusive release in Japan we want to pay our respect to Amon Miyamoto and his art by making each performance even more complex, multi-faceted an experience. Enabling the audience to carry out a piece of the magic they witness outside the theater accomplishes just that, I think.

The version our Japanese audience is getting can already be played from start to finish and supports full Japanese localization including narrator voice over. A full game, by any means, and a full experience. But what we have in mind for our global release, is even more. More levels and cut-scenes, achievements, and full English localization and voice work.

I’m excited by the thought of people already playing our game, but it also makes me realize how much more work lies ahead. Which does not – of course – stop me from thinking “today – Japan! Tomorrow – The WORLD!”.

— Olaf

Photo credit – Natalia Kitamikado, Bartek Macias.


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